Useful Books Related to Pianos

The books listed below can be purchased from various sources or found at the library.  (If your local library doesn't have them, ask about interlibrary loan.)

Many other piano-related books are in the public domain (out of copyright) and can be downloaded for free or purchased from as bound books.  To see at least some of them, click here.

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If you want to make any recommendations, please drop me a line.  New wonderful books about pianos are being published all the time, and I'm always glad to know about them.


Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding for the Professional, the Student, and the Hobbyist by Arthur Reblitz  -- one of the "required reading" texts for every technician (and should be for every piano owner, as well)

Larry Fine

The Piano Book:  Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano by Larry Fine -- the standard publication for evaluating pianos and their worth.  Much of the same material is available at Mr. Fine's website.


The 2008-2009 Supplement to The Piano Book by Larry Fine -- Mr. Fine updates his book every year or two to keep information and valuations current.


Piano Tuning: A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs by J. Cree Fisher -- originally published in 1907, this is one of the classics of the trade!  Also available as a public domain download....
Kinze Grand Obsession: A Piano Odyssey by Perri Kinze -- A fascinating, lyrical memoir about one woman's obsessive search for the perfect piano-and about finding and pursuing passion at any age.


"Piano Lessons: Music, Love, and True Adventures" by Noah Adams -- starting piano lessons at age 52... if you listen to NPR, you already know what an able storyteller he is.


"The Piano:  An Inspirational Guide to the Piano and Its Place in History" by John-Paul Williams -- "An indispensable reference for every piano lover!" (hardcover only)


"Giraffes, Black Dragons, and Other Pianos: A Technological History from Cristofori to the Modern Concert Grand" by Edwin M. Good -- "the history of the piano from its invention in 1700 to the present in terms of its technology" 
Loesser "Men, Women and Pianos: A Social History" by Arthur Loesser -- not to be undertaken lightly, but a fascinating read....


"Piano Roles: A New History of the Piano" by James Parakilas -- a lavishly illustrated social history of the piano directed at informed lay readers


"The Seventh Dragon:  The Riddle of Equal Temperament" by Anita T. Sullivan -- A veteran piano tuner presents a non-technical, literary view of the quixotic tuning system used on keyboard instruments for hundreds of years.
Hildebrandt "Pianoforte:  A Social History of the Piano" by Dieter Hildebrandt -- the piano in 19th-century European culture (hard